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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.


a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

Anomaly Alchemy

Anomaly for Alchemy

Anomaly for Alchemy features sounds pulled from Anomalies VII through XIX and packaged for Camel Audio Alchemy. All sounds are single sampled stereo .WAV files with accompanying .SFZ files.

They are broken down into 4 groups:

Disturbances - 62 sounds, 211 Mb with 63 presets that use both Granular and Sampler mode. The presets in Disturbances use either 3 or 4 sources and start out with all sounds balanced in the XY Morph window, but then go on through remix variations to be paired sources and then mixed sources. The controls in the Performance Views manage the settings for both FX and Filters.

In the Darkness - 68 sounds, 237 Mb with 69 presets that use the Sampler mode. The presets within In the Darkness all use 4 sources which are then Morphed using a LFO on the X Morph control. So sources A and C are morphing into sources B and D. The XY Morph windows are used to control the cutoff and resonance of both Master Filters, each of which has a pair of sounds routed through them. The Performance Views manage the settings for both FX and filters applied to individual sources.

Lost Souls - 68 sounds, 225 Mb with 69 presets that use the Sampler mode. The presets in Lost Souls use all 4 sources, but with A and B being primary sources and C and D stationed in the background. A morphs into B, C morphs into D courtesy of a LFO on the X Morph control. The XY Morph windows are used to control the cutoff and resonance of both Master Filters, each of which has a pair of sounds routed through them. The Performance Views manage the settings for both FX and filters applied to individual sources.

The Asylum - 48 sounds, 241 Mb with 49 presets that use the Sampler mode. The presets in The Asylum all use 4 sources, with A and B being the primary sources and C and D somewhat in the background. C and D are both put through a Ring Mod and a LowPass Filter to generate background Madness. One XY Morph window controls the mix of sounds - with the first variation having all sounds balanced, then paired, then mixed. The other XY Morph window controls the Cutoff and Resonance of both master filters, which each have a pair of sounds routed through them. The Performance Views manage the settings of the FX and filters applied to individual sources.

with Bonus sounds:

The Nightmare Factory
- 50 sounds, 138 Mb

Total size - 1.03 Gb.

There are 250 presets for Camel Audio Alchemy with 8 remix variations each for a total of 2000 variations.

Some thoughts on Anomaly for Alchemy...

The Lost Souls presets: Sources A and B are the primary , vocalish sounds, with sources C and D somewhat in the background. If you want the vocals to be more prominent, turn off the reverb in the FX and push sources C and D further into the background.

The Asylum presets: Again, sources A and B are the primary sounds, with C and D meant to be less in the background than the Lost Souls presets, but still less emphasized than sources A and B. Consider pushing sources C and D further into the background to bring out the subtleties in sources A and B.

In the Darkness and Lost Souls presets: The remix variations and the performance views change primarily the tone/colour of the sounds through the setting of individual filters and the master filters and FX. Consider changing the XY window controls to mix the sources themselves and put both master filters on one XY window. Also, consider getting more aggressive with the filter settings, or just clear all performance view/remix variation settings and assign your own.

All of the presets primarily use the sampler mode for a reason. Through the use of Granular, Spectral and/or Additive, the user has the means to personalize Anomaly to their wishes.

I went into this project thinking - how can I make this unique for everyone? The short answer is, I cannot. Then it struck me. Most of the people attracted to my sounds do not hesitate to take them into other instruments and just, in general, mangle them even further. They seem to enjoy experimentation, not shy away from it. I would be willing to bet that many, if not most, of the people who own Alchemy are the same way. I have used Alchemy for sound design in projects of my own. It is great for transforming things....

So, I thought. Not presets, with a final definition and eight variations, but templates - suggestions, if you will, of what sounds are best matched up together. That should be the first thing. So I started by filling three to four OSCs with sounds that I thought went together and could give interesting combinations.

Working on the first part, it was about mixtures of sounds. For parts 2 and 3, it was about changing the colour of the sounds, and part 4 was back to mixing of sources. But it was all done in Sampler mode for the most part for a reason.

That is how I could make it unique for my customers. They like to experiment. So I left the other 3 synthesis options open to them to explore. At the same time I had to make the presets/templates all with 8 variations. I chose the two methods I mentioned above.

You have the ability to make this unique to you. No two people will alter the sounds using the other synthesis methods in the same way.

Alchemy is much more than a preset machine. It is a sound/sample manglers dream and nightmare combined. Anomaly is meant to be explored and turned into your own personal darkness machine.

Enjoy exploring the sounds of the Darkness....

Audio Demos


Coming Back

Darkness Falls

Evening Shadows

In the Shadows

Lost in the Dark

Shadows Call

They Visit Your Head

Trapped in Darkness

In the Darkness

Abandoned Structures

Darkness in Wasteland

Fear of the Dark

Memories in the Dark

Midnight Souls

Spirits in the Dark

Twilight in a Dying City

Voices in Shadow

Welcome to Wasteland

Lost Souls

Calling the Forgotten

Captive Spirits

Forgotten Spirits

Going Home

Lost Souls

Night Spirits

Observing Spirits

Souls of the Lost

Spirits Passing

Spirits Waiting

The Asylum

A Safe Place

Cognitive Dissonance

Cutting Out Beauty

Dreaming in Chains

Exorcisms Through Science

Extracting Evil

Laboratory Experiments

Momentary Beauty

Radio to the Dead

Releasing the Voices

The Cutting Room

What Remains

Downloadable Demo

This is 4 presets saved using the "Save Consolidated" feature of Alchemy. There is one preset from each section of Anomaly for Alchemy. Just extract the Anomaly Demo folder and place it in your Alchemy/Presets folder.


Buy Anomaly for Alchemy for $50

What people are saying:

"Very good sounds there, congrats. :-) I was actually looking for something like this, so you really nailed a sound that didn't exist on the market."

"A really fantastic sound set. Thank you very much!"

"I finally got around to try Anomaly, some dark stuff and brooding moods in there..."

"Ok, having tried out all of the Anomaly sounds, I will say this.......this soundset is f**ckin' great! If you like dark ambient and experimental music, this is a must have....many of these sounds are just dying to be fed through even more effects. If you like making pretty and happy tunes, stay far away from Anomaly. But if you're like me and prefer your music to be creepy and twisted, then by all means get this!!!"

"thanks for this Sf2-set with really amazing waveforms inside!"

"Volumes 1 and 2 are incredible! I'm not sure if you guys are geniuses or madmen but I've never heard sounds like that before. It's as if someone translated the deepest, darkest thoughts of some fear-crazed lunatic and turned them into sound! They would make the perfect soundtrack for a Cthulhu film! H.P Lovecraft would be proud.

Well done guys!

p.s. I was checking out some of the presets and my 13 year-old daughter was begging me to stop. "You're scaring me!"..."

" The last one I tried was Anomaly and it's the reason why I only had 3 hours sleep last night... The sounds in this thing are f**cking unbelievable. I spent hours upon hours listening to the demo's, and thinking of ways I can use the sounds."