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Westgatesounds.net is honoured to host these instruments on behalf of Dr. Ambient


M42 Nebula V2

2 completely independent synths with each:
- 2 ADSR Envelope Generators.
- 12dB/octave State Variable Filter (LP, HP, BP and AP).
- LFO (BPM synced) with an unique Arpeggiator.
- Pulsar (BPM synced, creates the algorithmic element).
- Easy to operate 3 * 5 Modulation Matrix.

- Synth1: (VAO) saw, square, triangle, pulse1, pulse2, Noise
- Synth2: (SFO) special set of 5 pad sounds arranged as
Soundfont bank. Number of supported banks: 4.

- Stereo Chorus/Flanger.
- Stereo BPM synced Cross-Delay.
- 2 band EQ, 1 band parametric.
- Autopanner.
- WARP (distortion with cutoff and resonance).

- MIDI Learn for almost all parameters
- Virtual Keyboard (for audition of presets)
- Multitimbrality: 2 (per instance!)
- Polyphony: 6 voices (each synth).

Minimum system requirements:
PC running Windows 98 at 1Ghz.
VST* host.

Download M42 Nebula V2



M51 Galaxy

2 completely independent synths with each:

- PDO (Phase Distortion Oscillator) with 2*8 waveforms.
- SUB (VA Oscillator) with 7 waveforms and a 12dB/oct SV Filter.
- FM capability for metallic sounds.
- Ensemble, Detune, Mono mode, Portamento, Vibrato.
- Two 8 Stage Graphic Envelopes (AMP and MOD)
- LFO (BPM synced) with an unique Arpeggiator.
- Pulsar (BPM synced, creates the algorithmic element).
- Easy to operate 3 * 5 Modulation Matrix

- Stereo Chorus/Flanger.
- Stereo BPM synced Cross-Delay.
- Autopanner.
- 2 Warps with distortion (no/soft/hard) and resonant lowpass filter.

- Keyboard split
- Virtual keyboard for audition
- 16 step trance gate
- Multitimbrality: 2
- Polyphony: 6 voices (each synth).

Minimum system requirements:
PC running Windows 98 at 2Ghz.
VST* host.

Download M51 Galaxy







AlgoN, the prototype of the M42 Nebula

AlgoN was developed as a sketching board for our algorithmic ideas which developed into the current version of the M42 Nebula. Features include 2 seperate synths each with 1 oscillator with multiple waveforms, a low pass filter, 2 LFO's, 2 envelope generators, multiple modulation routings and a rhythm grid. An algorithmic scale generator was added to enable ever changing sequences with user scale selection. Add to this stereo panning for each synth,split keyboard capacity, plus reverb and x-y BPM synced delays, and you have an algorithmic monster on your hands. While the interface looks more like a NI Reaktor setup, all parameters are shown on one screen for easy access, yet small enough to use in any host.
AlgoN comes with 128 presets by noted sound designers Tim Conrardy and UGO

Layering M42 Nebula with AlgoN inside your host will give you BPM synced rhythms, spacial pads and sequences, split keyboard ability, all at once for a full pallette of ever changing sound.

Time travel to other dimensions of space and sound with the M42 Nebula and AlgoN.

Download AlgoN




Two Phase Distortion Oscillator sections each offering two sets of 8 waveforms.

Three 8 stage envelopes each synth for control of pitch, phase and amplitude.

LFO (BPM synced or free running) offering 22 waveforms, rate and delay with pitch and phase destinations.

Pulsar module for algorithmic style pitch/phase modulation. (BPM synced)

Ring modulation, detune and transpose controls
Volume and panorama controls for stereo imaging and master volume.

Scale generator for force scaling of notes. Choice of 8 scales with root key selection.

Powerful multi FX section offering 7 simultaneous stereo effects: EQ, Rotor, Metal, Wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb.

Download CZynthia







AlgoMusic's Arpy is a free virtual analogue vsti plugin for windows.

Features includes a unison oscillator with selectable number of voices, an arpeggiator, synced LFO's and delay.It is described as a "groove generator with a unique sound".

Included are presets designed by Tim Conrardy, and a user bank designed by Relayer which is excellent as well.

Download Arpy




AlgoMusic's PhadiZ is a free phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options including a very unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads.

2 Oscillators, 6 Envelopes and 2 LFO's along with a built-in delay and ringmodulator make this a unique synth with a sound all of it's own.

Our first creation and now available again upon user request.

Includes a preset bank by Tim Conrardy, and a nice collection of phase distortion bass sounds by TechNoiz

Download Phadiz







String Synthesizer


Emulation (no samples here!) of those string synthesizers of the late 70's made famous by ARP and Solina. It features a full ADSR envelope generator, a small effect section with a phaser, a delay and of course the 'ensemble' effect.

"The characteristic -ensemble- sound of those machines of old was not realised by adding expensive oscillators, but by using a (at the time) brand new and relative low cost technology: the BBD chip (Bucket Brigade Device), which was basicly a analog delay line".

Included are 40 patches by Tim Conrardy, UGO, Matthew DeMeritt and Dr Ambient.

Download StringSynth



StratoBlaster (previously unreleased)

A Fender Stratocaster sampled both clean and through FX.

Download StratoBlaster



TINMAN (previously unreleased)

An electric piano module

Download TINMAN




SF2 files




Preset Banks

M42dnekmbank.rar - 20 presets to go with the M42-dnekm sf2 file

M42dnekm2bank.rar - 20 presets to go with the M42-dnekm2 sf2 file

SDBM42V2bank1.zip - 128 presets for the M42 by Shabdahbriah

SDB_M42Ambbank1.zip - 128 presets for the TC Ambient sf2 by Shabdahbriah

SDB_M42TCAmbbank2.zip - 128 presets for the TC Ambient sf2 by Shabdahbriah


M51PDWarp-dk.rar - 18 Warp gestures and a test preset


In memory of Tim Conrardy