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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Anomaly Vol.1 Preset Pack

for Anomaly VSTi/Wusik V6/Wusik V7 also Wusik V8

The Anomaly Vol.1 Presets pack contains both single sound Instrument presets and multi sound Multis.

The Instruments folder contains the following:

Atmospheric Whispers: 99 Instrument presets

Bird, Bugs and Cats: 32 Instrument presets

Dark Places: 73
Instrument presets

Darkness 1: 106 Instrument presets

Darkness 2: 106 Instrument presets

Disturbances 1: 98 Instrument presets

Disturbances 2: 98 Instrument presets

Dreams and Nightmares: 95 Instrument presets

Enochian: 117 Instrument presets

Morphing Pads: 50 Instrument presets

Rain and Thunder: 40 Instrument presets

Shadows 1: 109 Instrument presets

Shadows 2: 109 Instrument presets

Spirits 1: 83 Instrument presets

Spirits 2: 83 Instrument presets

The Asylum: 50 Instrument presets

The Nightmare Factory 1: 90 Instrument presets

The Nightmare Factory 2: 90 Instrument presets

Voices: 105 Instrument presets

Wasteland: 98 Instrument presets

For a total of 1,731 Instrument presets.

The Multis folder contains the following:

Darkness: 142 Multi-sound presets

Disturbances: 30 Multi-sound presets

Shadows: 148 Multi-sound presets

Spirits: 107 Multi-sound presets

The Asylum: 20 Multi-sound presets

Voices: 20 Multi-sound presets

Wasteland: 33 Multi-sound presets

For a total of 500 Multi-sound presets.

When complete, there will be between 500 and 1,000 Multi-sound presets in the preset pack.

Wusik V8 (Beta version 8.2.2) Instrument presets: 1,731 , Multis: 500

Audio Demos

Darkness (3/18)

Disturbances (3/18)


Shadows (3/26)

Spirits (3/19)

The Asylum (3/18)


Voices (3/18)


Wasteland (3/18)

Buy the Anomaly Vol. 1 Anomaly/Wusik Preset Pack
for $10 (price will go up to $20 once all of the Multi-sound presets are complete)

(Requires the Anomaly Vol 1 sampleset)

What people are saying:

" Very good sounds there, congrats. :-) I was actually looking for something like this, so you really nailed a sound that didn't exist on the market."

"A really fantstic sound set. Thank you very much!"

"I finally got around to try Anomaly, some dark stuff and brooding moods in there..."

"Ok, having tried out all of the Anomaly sounds, I will say this.......this soundset is f**ckin' great! If you like dark ambient and experimental music, this is a must have....many of these sounds are just dying to be fed through even more effects. If you like making pretty and happy tunes, stay far away from Anomaly. But if you're like me and prefer your music to be creepy and twisted, then by all means get this!!!"

"thanks for this Sf2-set with really amazing waveforms inside!"

"Volumes 1 and 2 are incredible! I'm not sure if you guys are geniuses or madmen but I've never heard sounds like that before. It's as if someone translated the deepest, darkest thoughts of some fear-crazed lunatic and turned them into sound! They would make the perfect soundtrack for a Cthulhu film! H.P Lovecraft would be proud.

Well done guys!

p.s. I was checking out some of the presets and my 13 year-old daughter was begging me to stop. "You're scaring me!"..."

" The last one I tried was Anomaly and it's the reason why I only had 3 hours sleep last night... The sounds in this thing are f**cking unbelievable. I spent hours upon hours listening to the demo's, and thinking of ways I can use the sounds."