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Wraith by HG Fortune

Wraith - a Free Anomaly demo and .sf2 player created by HG Fortune

Wraith comes with an internal soundset composed of 32 sounds from Anomaly 3 - Pads, 32 sounds from Anomaly IV - Wasteland and 32 sounds from Anomaly VI - Textures in Bank 0. In Bank 1 are 96 sounds provided by HG Fortune.

There is an internal bank of 128 presets by Daniel Kemp. The first 64 presets use only sounds in Bank 0 while the last 64 presets use sounds from both Bank 0 and Bank 1.

Wraith will also load external .SF2 files. So you can use other soundfonts and combine them with either the Anomaly or the HG Fortune sounds, or use it as a .SF2 player.

From the manual:

A fairly compact VSTi Synthesizer featuring:

as soundsources:
two oscillators with sf2 based PCM waveforms

as modifiers:
one 24dB Lowpass filter with resonance per synthvoice
one Spook fx as global fx
one BassEnhancer to enhance low frequencies (works indenpendently from panned signal)
one Brilliance knob to enhance upper frequencies
one delay synced to bpm with manual offset knob;

as sources for modulation:
two ADSR envelope generators (one for Filter, one for VCA)
four LFO and one Sample & Hold;

All in all Wraith is capable of producing quite a variety of sounds among most noticeable are stunning sync sounds, fairly unique pads and fx sounds plus. With a good response on the lower frequency range one might achieve quite 'huge' and deep sounds too.


Free Anomaly presets for .sf2

Here are 2 .fxb preset banks by Daniel Kemp that use the sounds of Anomaly 1 in HG Fortunes STS-24 and STS-26.


And here is one .fxb preset bank by Dimitri Schkoda that uses the Anomaly VI sounds in HG Fortunes Swamp-XT


You must already own the respective sounds for these to work and have them loaded as .SF2 files in the instruments.

As I get time, I will make more and offer them for free here.....

Free .sf2 format for users of Wraith


Dystopian Terra by Ridan