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Importing 3rd Party FX into the Anomaly Instrument

I am going to start, as time allows, providing simple tutorials and FX presets for importing 3rd party FX into the Anomaly VSTi.

KarmaFX Deelay

Get the latest version of the KarmaFX Plugin Pack from karmafx.net - install it and then copy the KarmaFX Deelay.dll file into a KarmaFX folder you will create in your Anomaly Data\Effects V4 folder. Now rename the KarmaFX Deelay.dll to KarmaFX Deelay.WusikEFX.

Download this file which has three presets I have made - KarmaFXDeelaypresets.zip

Make a folder in Anomaly DATA\Presets Effects named KarmaFX. Make a folder within the KarmaFX folder named KarmaFX Deelay. Place those 3 presets from the .zip file in that folder.

Open Anomaly and you will now be able to use the KarmaFX Deelay as an effect from within Anomaly.....

Luxonix LFX-1310

Download LFX-1310 from luxonix.com. Copy the .dll file and place it in a folder named LFX in the Effects V4 folder. Rename the .dll to LFX-1310.WusikEFX.

Download this file and place the presets in Presets Effects\LFX\LFX-1310.

You will have to create these two folders - LFX inside of Presets Effects and LFX-1310 inside of LFX.

There are 5 presets in this file:


The interesting thing with this one is that you can have two instances of the LFX running - one in FX1 and one in FX2. I spent a while playing some of the Anomaly sounds through these and various combinations....

And if you make any presets of your own, do not save them in the default location that Anomaly will prompt you to - that is the Effects V4 folder. Save them instead to the folders you have created in Presets Effects.


Download Charsiesis from bicycle-for-slugs.org. Copy the .dll file and place it in a folder named Charsiesis in the Effects V4 folder. Rename the .dll to Charsiesis.WusikEFX.

Download this file and place the presets in Presets Effects\Charsiesis\Charsiesis.

You will have to create both Charsiesis folders yourself.

There are 5 presets in this file:


You can now use Charsiesis as an FX in Anomaly....

*****Special note for anyone attempting to import their own FX .dll files into Wusik V7, 64 bit version - the .dll files are not renamed to .WusikEFX but to Wusik-FX.

Thanks to KVR members xenophobic and _TIP_ for discovering this.