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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

The Anomaly VSTi

The Anomaly VSTi instrument is a Wusikstation Engine powered virtual instrument using the Wusikstation V6 Engine.

The Anomaly VSTi will currently load .wav, .WusikSND, .DASHsnd and .SFZ files.

The Anomaly sounds were made to create atmospheres. Haunting, otherworldly, eerie atmospheres of the dark and that which dwells within the dark. Whether you make dark ambient music or score for films, these sounds will make nightmares come to life.

Anomaly VSTi

Default Skin - Anomaly skin for the V6 Wusik Engine:

The Anomaly VSTi uses Version 6.00 of the Wusik Engine and comes with Anomaly Vol. 1:

Atmospheric Whispers: 99 sounds as SFZ/WAV (non-looped) - 135 Mb

Bird, Bugs and Cats: 32 sounds as SFZ/WAV (non-looped) - 500 Mb

Dark Places: 73 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 250 Mb

Darkness 1: 106 SFZ/WAV/nki files - 362 Mb

Darkness 2: 106 SFZ/WAV/nki files - 359 Mb

Disturbances 1: 98 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 330 Mb

Disturbances 2: 98 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 330 Mb

Dreams and Nightmares: 95 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 231 Mb

Enochian: 117 sounds as SFZ/WAV (non-looped) - 550 Mb

Morphing Pads: 50 SFZ/WAV - 139 Mb

Rain and Thunder: 40 sounds as SFZ/WAV (non-looped) - 987 Mb

Shadows 1: 109 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 370 Mb

Shadows 2: 109 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 368 Mb

Spirits 1: 83 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 281 Mb

Spirits 2: 83 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 279 Mb

The Asylum: 50 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 247 Mb

The Nightmare Factory 1: 90 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 242 Mb

The Nightmare Factory 2: 90 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 246 Mb

Voices: 105 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 446 Mb

Wasteland: 98 sounds as SFZ/WAV - 302 Mb

For a total of 1,731 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 6.8 Gb.

There are 1.731 single sound Instrument presets.

The Multis folder contains the following:

Darkness: 142 Multi-sound presets

Disturbances: 20 Multi-sound presets

Shadows: 148 Multi-sound presets

Spirits: 107 Multi-sound presets

The Asylum: 17 Multi-sound presets

Voices: 18 Multi-sound presets

Wasteland: 28 Multi-sound presets

For a total of 480 Multi-sound presets. When complete, there will be between 500 and 1,000 Multi-sound presets.

Audio Demos

Darkness (3/18)

Disturbances (3/18)



Autumn Evenings

Awakening Shadows

Called into Shadow

Companion of Shadow

Dreaming Shadows

Haunted in Shadow

Light in Shadow

Seeking Shadows

Souls in Shadow

Whispers in Shadow

Spirits (3/19)

The Asylum (3/18)


Voices (3/18)


Wasteland (3/18)

Buy the Anomaly VSTi for $150

Universal .SFZ

I am working on a way of sharing the sample folders of a variety of instruments, among them Absynth, Kontakt, Dimension Pro, Rapture, the Wusik Engine and EVE2.....
See this page - Universal SFZ.  John Gibson of dBu coined the phrase Universal .SFZ and this is my interpretation of it.

Tutorials and FX presets for the importing of 3rd party FX into the Anomaly instrument can be found here:

Importing FX

This will be added to as time allows....

Anomaly Skins

Previews of skins available for Anomaly are here:

Anomaly Skins

Other skins for the Wusik Engine can be found here:

Wusikstation Skins