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Using the Anomaly DATA folder to wrap other instruments Sample Libraries

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***Disclaimer*** - I cannot be held responsible if you muck up your system by messing around in the registry.

As an owner of Wusikstation, EVE2, Dimension Pro, Absynth 3 and 4 and Kontakt 2 and 3, I have been looking for a way that all of these instruments can share their sounds in one place.....

Take the Anomaly Libray for example..... To work on presets for the individual instruments I released versions for, I had to install each Anomaly volume in at least 4 places. That seem to be overly wasteful of space to me.....

With William's newly added support for .sfz format into the Wusik Engine, he has presented us with the ability for Wusikstation, EVE2, Dimension Pro, Dimension LE, Rapture, Rapture LE, Absynth and Kontakt to share all of their sounds with each other. All of these instruments save sample locations as relative locations. They all have a registry key that holds the path to the sample folder, and they can all be modified to point to the same folder.

I chose the newly revised Anomaly VSTi to serve as, if you will, the .sfz wrapper that will be used in this example - but it could be any Wusik Engine product post V5.6.2....

First, you need to install a Wusik Engine product. I chose Anomaly because it comes with sounds in .sfz format and .wav only format.

Install the Instrument to your Vstplugins folder but - install the Anomaly DATA folder to a different place. I installed it to Program Files\Anomaly DATA.

Because we will be editing the registry keys of the other instruments I wanted to keep the paths as short as possible.

We will be using the Anomaly DATA\Soundsets folder to hold all of the other sounds.....

The first instrument to change is Dimension Pro. Or Rapture if you own that instead, or the LE versions of either if that is what you own....

The instructions for changing the location of the samples can be found here:

http://p5.sonarama.com/index.php?title =ExpressionEngine_Multisample_Relocation

Basically just move the Multisamples folder and then change the path to it in the registry key that is applicable.

For Dimension Pro the key I modified was this one:

Key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Dimension Pro\Multisamples Folder"

Value: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Dimension Pro\

******Update for Windows 8, 64 Bit - this key is now "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Cakewalk Music Software\Dimension Pro\Multisamples Folder"********

The Value became D:\Program Files\Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\

I did not change the Value of the Contents folder key because I think that may be for the Programs listing window. The Programs location will not be changing, only the Multisamples folder.....

You need to have a Multisamples folder within the Anomaly DATA\Soundsets folder. Dimension Pro ( and most likely Rapture - I only have Rapture LE) has all of its sounds stored as sub-folders within the Multisamples folder and needs that structure in order to find its sounds......

Once you move the Multisamples folder to Anomaly DATA\Soundsets and make the registry edit then these sounds are now available in both Dimension Pro and Anomaly for use.

For Rapture, the process is a little different. First, find the registry entry for:

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Rapture"

There was no Multisample registry entry, so I had to create a New String Value named Multisamples Folder.

Then by editing the now blank "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Rapture\Multisamples Folder" , I set the location of the Multisamples folder.

******Update for Windows 8, 64 Bit - this key is now "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Cakewalk Music Software\Rapture\Multisamples Folder"********

The Value became D:\Program Files\Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\. Copy or Move the Rapture Multisamples folder into the Anomaly DATA\Soundsets folder.

One more thing - move the Anomaly sound folders into the Multisamples folder as well. The Waveforms folder can remain where it is.

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To add Absynth 3 into the mix, you must move the contents of the Absynth 3 Sound Library and Samples folders (found in Program Files\Native Instruments\Absynth 3\Samples and \Sound Library) into a new folder within Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\Multisamples.....

I created a folder named Absynth3 Sound Library and moved all of the .glo files and all of the samples from Absynth 3 there.....

Except for the Dreams and Nightmares .glo file from my recently released Dreams and Nightmares soundset. This was placed in the Dreams and Nightmares SFZ folder from Dimension Pro. So now Dimension Pro and Absynth 3 are sharing the sounds from the same soundset. One redundant install erased ;-)

But now you have to go and edit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Absynth 3\SamplesPath

I changed this to D:\Program Files\Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\Multisamples\

Also, by placing the .glo files in the same folder as the samples, I believe it makes it easier for them to find the samples. That is why the .glo file from Dreams and Nightmares is in the same folder as the .sfz files from Dreams and Nightmares.

For Absynth 4, I created an Absynth 4 Samples folder a placed the samples folder from Absynth 4 in there....

The change this registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Absynth 4\SamplesPath

******Update for Windows 8, 64 Bit - this key is now "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Native Instruments\Absynth 4\SamplesPath"********

I changed this to D:\Program Files\Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\Multisamples\

The .ksd preset files I did not move. Now Absynth 4 searches the Multisamples for samples so it now finds the Dreams and Nightmares sounds as well as the Anomaly IV sounds ;-)

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Kontakt 2

Kontakt 2 was actually the easiest. Just move the Kontakt Library folder to Anomaly DATA\Soundsets\Multisamples and when you start Kontakt 2 next time it will ask you for the location of the Kontakt Library and change the registry key for you.....

However, to make the .nki instrument files work in Dimension Pro and Prometheus X, you will have to convert the .nki files using ESC to .sfz files. Choose to convert and in ESC Settings - Sample Export options choose Keep original sample references and all ESC should do is to make .sfz files which leaving the original samples where they are. Save the new .sfz files into the same folders as the original .nki files you are converting.

Now you can load Kontakt 2 sounds in Wusik Engine instruments as well as Dimension Pro/Rapture.....

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A Note about Kontakt 3

Because the Sound Library of Kontakt 3 is so huge, I do not recommend including Kontakt in this experiment. I tried it and it slowed down the searches for sounds so much, it was not worth the convenience.


EVE2 sounds will load only in EVE2 and in any Wusik Engine based instrument. But while we are consolidating space it is simple to have all of your EVE2 sounds available to your Wusik Engine based instrument.

Just cut and paste the EVE DATA directory to the Multisamples folder. The next time you start EVE2 it will ask you for the location of the DATA directory.

If you wish these sounds to be available for your other instruments you can use ESC to convert the DASHsnd files to .SFZ files....

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Other Notes

So, what exactly can you now accomplish with all of this?

First - you now have one place from which you can load sounds in Wusikstation/Wusik Engine instruments, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Absynth and Kontakt.

Absynth and Kontakt 2 cannot load .sfz files but can load the .wav files from the .sfz files.....

Second - no more duplicate Libraries..... I no longer have to have 4 copies of any Library I am working on just to make presets for all of the instruments I make them available for. Just one copy of the .sfz files for that Library and all of the instruments are covered. ;-)

Third - you can now use Dimension, Rapture, Absynth and Kontakt sounds in your Wusik Engine instrument and all of the other possible combinations....

The more soundsets that get released in .sfz format, the more valuable this will become. One soundset can now cover up to 5 or more possible instruments. I am still in the early stages of seeing what works and what will easily be converted.

Some other notes.....

.WusikSND files cannot be loaded by any of the other instruments I have mentioned.....

However, since William has added the ability to convert 32 bit .WusikSND files to 16 bit .WusikSND files, and ESC can convert .WusikSND files to .sfz files..... If there really is a sound you have in .WusikSND format you should in the future be able to convert it from .WusikSND to .sfz at 16 bit....

That would immediately open up all of the Wusikstation Libraries to be used in other instruments......

Also, you cannot convert .nkm files to .sfz. ESC will attempt to do this but all it does is save a duplicate .sfz file for each sound that is part of the multi.

.nki or .nkm files that originally used a convultion preset in Kontakt 2 lost the path to that.... I tried copying the presets folder from Kontakt 2 into the new Kontakt Library but it still will not find it. Upon a search, it finds it quickly and if you save the .nki or .nkm it loads the next time you open it....

Because each instrument saves (or can save) patches using relative paths, presets made using this folder structure will cross-over into those who do not.... The base to start looking for samples/sounds in all cases lies in the registry......

Thanks to John Gibson of DangerousBear.com who inspired the experiment with his concept of Universal SFZ libraries......