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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands

Anomaly XXIII is a soundset composed of Nightscapes. Each sound is a looped, 20 second picture of a different facet of the Night. Like a writer attempting to paint pictures with words, this is attempting to paint images with sounds.

To do this I started at the beginning. All new seed sounds were made from new sources. What are "seed sounds"? Seed sounds are tiny samples of source sounds which are then stretched, treated to FX and otherwise mangled and sometimes combined to make a useable base sound that can serve as something to build upon.

Once I had a decent amount to work with I went and selected 25 of these and crossfaded each one with itself using the Anomaly VSTi's wavesequencer to get 25 individual sounds. These were then further treated to FX and sound mangling to make the 25 base sounds this soundset was built upon.

Each sound was then combined with one other - in two different instruments. First they were combined in HG Fortunes's STS-24. The second time they were combined using the Anomaly VSTi and its wavsequencer. Different combinations for each instrument. These were then taken back into both instruments and had further elements added in each instrument. The sources for those elements include the DNR Developers package, sounds from Paul Amca and other sources. No earlier Anomaly seed sounds were used. Each sound was then sampled through yet another FX chain.

This resulted in the 50 all new sounds of Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands. That is the very short version of how these were created.... It is very similar to how the very first Anomaly was created.

Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands is composed of 50 all new sounds as stereo SFZ/WAV files - 166 Mb.

There are 50 multi-sound presets for Wusikstation V6/V7/Anomaly.

There are 50 multi-sound presets for Wusikstation V8.

There are 50 multi-sound presets for Wusik 4000 - 8000.

There are 50 multi-sound presets for Dimension Pro.

There are 50 multi-sound presets for Rapture.

There are 50 .nki presets and 50 .nkm multis for Kontakt.

There 50 presets for Absynth V3 as a .glo file, 50 presets for V4 as .ksd files and 50 presets for V5 as .nabs files..

There is also a sf2 (soundfont) version that is composed of 50 mono sounds - 83.4 Mb. This is for use in the instruments of HG Fortune, Wraith, Art_Pyrite and other instruments that can load mono .sf2 files.

Audio Demos

Anomaly VSTi/Wusik

Echoes of Memory

Entering the Night Lands

Lands of Illusion

Motion in Eternity

Peace in Shadow


Temple to the Dark

the Night Lands

Dimension Pro

Called to the Dark

Darkened Temples

Empty Infinity


Living Sky

Memories of Stillness

Paths of Deception

Stars and Shadow


Calls in the Night

Darkness Unfolding

Deceptive Paths

Home Under Stars

Moments of Stillness

Returned to the Dark

Temple Under Stars

Walking the Night Lands


Memories of the Dark

Returned from a Dream

Silent Paths

Stillness Within

The Greater Dark

The Night Lands

Turning Outward

Under Stars


Alone with the Night

Echoes of the Dark

Infinite Darkness

Lost Paths

Neither Moving Nor Still

Silent Temples

Still Nights

Under Open Skies

Buy Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands
SFZ/WAV version for $17

Buy Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands
sf2 (soundfont) version for $12

What people are saying:

"Very good sounds there, congrats. :-) I was actually looking for something like this, so you really nailed a sound that didn't exist on the market."

"A really fantastic sound set. Thank you very much!"

"I finally got around to try Anomaly, some dark stuff and brooding moods in there..."

"Ok, having tried out all of the Anomaly sounds, I will say this.......this soundset is f**ckin' great! If you like dark ambient and experimental music, this is a must have....many of these sounds are just dying to be fed through even more effects. If you like making pretty and happy tunes, stay far away from Anomaly. But if you're like me and prefer your music to be creepy and twisted, then by all means get this!!!"

"thanks for this Sf2-set with really amazing waveforms inside!"

"Volumes 1 and 2 are incredible! I'm not sure if you guys are geniuses or madmen but I've never heard sounds like that before. It's as if someone translated the deepest, darkest thoughts of some fear-crazed lunatic and turned them into sound! They would make the perfect soundtrack for a Cthulhu film! H.P Lovecraft would be proud.

Well done guys!

p.s. I was checking out some of the presets and my 13 year-old daughter was begging me to stop. "You're scaring me!"..."

"The last one I tried was Anomaly and it's the reason why I only had 3 hours sleep last night... The sounds in this thing are f**cking unbelievable. I spent hours upon hours listening to the demo's, and thinking of ways I can use the sounds."