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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Anomaly XXIV - Cthonic Undertones

You awaken in the Underworld after your Death. Your body is still your body while in Life, but the rate of decay has been slowed by a factor of 10,000. You are going to be here for a while....

Welcome to UnderEarth - a place of tunnels and chambers lit only by a faint half-light that lets you distinguish shadows and little else. Here you will remain until you take one of the only two exits - the Pit or the Abyss. While you decide, your body slowly decomposes, ever so slowly. If you let the choice go on too long it will be taken from you.

Here is where you face the ultimate fate - two unknowns.

The Pit is roiling with shadows and noises, the Abyss is dark and silent. No one knows where either one leads to.

And so the inhabitants of UnderEarth have piled up, forestalling their Fate and their decisions.

It is dark, with knocks and tones and booms and thuds as the only accompaniment to the voices of the dead.

This is your new world to explore, for a time....

Anomaly XXIV is a new soundset featuring 77 all new sounds in both SFZ/WAV and sf2 (soundfont) formats, 243 Mb.

These sounds were created using the Anomaly VSTi (several instances) from the sounds of Paule Amca, the DNR Collaborative Developers pack and other sources.

There are 77 all new sounds as single sampled, stereo SFZ/WAV files for a total of 240 Mb.

There are 77 multi sound presets for the Anomaly VSTi/Wusikstation V6/V7. There are also 77 single sound presets.

There are 77 multi sound presets for Wusik 4000/8000. There are also 77 single sound presets.

There are 77 multi sound presets for Wusikstation V8. There are also 77 single sound presets.

There are 77 multi sound presets for Dimension Pro. There are also 77 single sound presets.

There are 77 multi sound presets for Rapture. There are also 77 single sound presets.

There are 77 .nki presets and 77 .nkm multis for Kontakt V2 and up.

There are 77 multi sound presets for Absynth 3 as a .glo file, 77 presets for Absynth 4 as .ksd files and 77 presets for Absynth 5 as .nabs files.
There are also 77 presets as single sounds for each version with the loop points already inserted to use for your own experiments.

There is also a sf2 (soundfont) version - 77 sounds in a single mono sf2 (soundfont) file, 119 Mb.

Audio Demos

Anomaly VSTi/Wusik

Awakened in UnderEarth

Calling for Rest

Despair UnderEarth

Guardians of the Gate

Heart of UnderEarth



Thrones Underground


Dimension Pro

A Choice Below the World

Calling the Dead

Chamber of Energy

Echoes of the Dead

Heart of UnderEarth

Life Below the World

Midnight Underground


Watching Over the Dead



Before the Abyss

Calling on Souls Passed

Choices Underground

Energy in the Dark

Music Below the World

Passing Eternity

Rites of the Dead

Welcome to UnderEarth


Arrival in UnderEarth

Energy in UnderEarth

Guardians in Darkness

Heart of UnderEarth

Moments of Reflection

Tunnels in the Dark


Waiting in UnderEarth



A Calling Forth

A World Below

Chamber of the Ancients



Music Below the World

Resigned to Fate

Rituals of Memory


Buy Anomaly XXIV - Cthonic Undertones
SFZ/WAV version for $22

Buy Anomaly XXIV - Cthonic Undertones
sf2 (soundfont) version for $15

What people are saying:

"Very good sounds there, congrats. :-) I was actually looking for something like this, so you really nailed a sound that didn't exist on the market."

"A really fantastic sound set. Thank you very much!"

"I finally got around to try Anomaly, some dark stuff and brooding moods in there..."

"Ok, having tried out all of the Anomaly sounds, I will say this.......this soundset is f**ckin' great! If you like dark ambient and experimental music, this is a must have....many of these sounds are just dying to be fed through even more effects. If you like making pretty and happy tunes, stay far away from Anomaly. But if you're like me and prefer your music to be creepy and twisted, then by all means get this!!!"

"thanks for this Sf2-set with really amazing waveforms inside!"

"Volumes 1 and 2 are incredible! I'm not sure if you guys are geniuses or madmen but I've never heard sounds like that before. It's as if someone translated the deepest, darkest thoughts of some fear-crazed lunatic and turned them into sound! They would make the perfect soundtrack for a Cthulhu film! H.P Lovecraft would be proud.

Well done guys!

p.s. I was checking out some of the presets and my 13 year-old daughter was begging me to stop. "You're scaring me!"..."

"The last one I tried was Anomaly and it's the reason why I only had 3 hours sleep last night... The sounds in this thing are f**cking unbelievable. I spent hours upon hours listening to the demo's, and thinking of ways I can use the sounds."