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Absynth Preset Pack

(requires Absynth V5.3.1 and up and the Dreamlands Sampleset)

AbsynthV5Effect.rar - 50 Effect presets for Absynth V5.3.1

(note: presets begin with high values for Time and FeedBack - set performance controls for those two things and adjust to your taste)

Instrument Presets

Dream States Vol. 1 - 50 Instrument presets for Absynth

Dream States Vol. 2 - 50 Instrument presets for Absynth

Textures and Atmospheres - 52 Instrument presets for Absynth

Voyages 1 - 51 Instrument presets for Absynth
(includes 51 WAV files in Absynth alternates folder - 135 Mb)

Voyages 2 - 50 Instrument presets for Absynth
(includes 50 WAV files in Absynth alternates folder - 130 Mb)

HG Fortune - In Memorium - 50 Instrument presets for Absynth
(includes 9 WAV files in Absynth alternates folder - 30 Mb)

for a total of 303 Instrument presets

All Instrument presets have performance controls for pitch, delay time and delay feedback.


Dreams - 30 presets

Journeys - 70 presets

Visions - 50 presets

for a total of 150 multi-sound presets

All Multis have performance controls assigned.

The Multis in Visions use sounds from Dream States Vol 1 and 2.

The Multis in Dreams use sounds primarily from Textures and Atmospheres and Dream States, and sometime others.

The Multis in Journeys use sounds from all of the source folders, but primarily HG Fortune and Voyages.

There is also a .txt file which lists every sound by soundset, then name and gives you the Start Loop and End Loop loop points.


Absent Friends (vox).wav      131786      904437

Audio Demos


Captured in Dreams

Darkened Stars

Descent into Dream

Doorways in Dreams

Dreams from Eternity

Dreams of the Void

Following Voices

Otherworldly Dreams

Rising Spirits

Trapped in a Dream

Twilight Dreams


Abandoned Worlds


Alien Sunset

Beyond the Light

Distant Stars


Drifts in Time

Dying Star

Endless Peace

Fading Worlds

Home Beyond


In Eternity

Into the Night

Into the Void

Midnight Lights

New Dawns

New Skies

New Stars

No Escape

Opened Doors

Passing Eternity

Signals from the Void

Spirits Adrift

Through the Void


Unknown Space

Worlds in Shadows


Broken Memories

Closed Vision

Dark Visions

Descent into Dream

Dream Gates

Faded Past

Following the Light

Gateway of Sleep

Illusions of Home

Lost to Visions

Other Lands

Reflected Sight

Seeking in Visions

Unknown Lands

Vision of Sorrow

Visions of Memory

Voice and Vision

Buy the Dreamlands Absynth Preset Pack for $15

(Requires Absynth V5.3.1 or higher and the Dreamlands sampleset)

Buy the Dreamlands Absynth Preset Pack and the Dreamlands Sampleset
for $65