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Kontakt V5.5.2 and up

Instrument Presets

Dream States Vol. 1 - 50 Instrument presets

Dream States Vol. 2 - 50 Instrument presets

Textures and Atmospheres - 52 Instrument presets

Voyages 1 - 51 Instrument presets

Voyages 2 - 50 Instrument presets

HG Fortune - In Memorium - 50 Instrument presets

for a total of 303 Instrument presets

All of the Instrument presets feature the same four page scripted interface as Anomaly.

Multi-sound presets (in progress)

Visions - 21 Multis

Explorations - 35 Multis

Dreaming - 18 presets

for a total of 74 multi-sound presets

Audio Demos


Awakend in the Void

Caught in the Dream

Fade into Midnight

First Stars

Lost Light

Unending Dream


Alien Sunrise

A Starred Gate

Beauty in Darkness

Destination Unknown

Distant Moon


Gates in the Sky


Repeating Signal

Setting Suns


Unknown Structure




Forgotten Memories


Visions Rising

Buy the Dreamlands Kontakt 5 Preset Pack for $10 (will go up to $15 when all of the Multis are finished)

(Requires Kontakt V5.5.2 or higher and the Dreamlands Sampleset)

Micro-tuning scripts you can use in the 5th tab:

Homegrown Sounds Kontakt Microtuner

Orange Tree Samples Free Pro Microtuning script

Kontakt User Library (look for 53 shadow-sky nonoctave scales)