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2017 10th Anniversary Sale - 33% discounts


Kontakt Preset Pack

(requires Kontakt V5.5.2 and up and the Dreamlands Sampleset)

Instrument Presets

Dream States Vol. 1 - 50 Instrument presets

Dream States Vol. 2 - 50 Instrument presets

Textures and Atmospheres - 52 Instrument presets

Voyages 1 - 51 Instrument presets

Voyages 2 - 50 Instrument presets

HG Fortune - In Memorium - 50 Instrument presets

for a total of 303 Instrument presets

All of the Instrument presets feature the same four page scripted interface as Anomaly.

Multi-sound presets

Visions - 25 Multis

Explorations - 80 Multis

Dreaming -45 presets

for a total of 150 multi-sound presets

Audio Demos


Adrift in Visions

An Opened Gateway

Darkened Dreams

Descending into Visions

Dreaming in Shadows

Dreams from the Past

Dreams Lost

Endless Dreams

Fade into Midnight

Fading Dreams

First Stars

Illusion of Motion

Into the Unknown

Lost in Emptiness

New Dreams

Of Darkened Worlds

Twilight Dreams

Welcome to Dreamland





Drifting into Visions


Gates of Vision

Lost World

Open Portal

Signals in Wilderness

Still Nights

Through Dreaming Gates

Twilight Vision

Visions of Shadows

Buy the Dreamlands Kontakt 5 Preset Pack for $15

(Requires Kontakt V5.5.2 or higher and the Dreamlands Sampleset)

Buy the Dreamlands Kontakt Preset Pack and the Dreamlands Sampleset
for $65

Micro-tuning scripts you can use in the 5th tab:

Homegrown Sounds Kontakt Microtuner

Orange Tree Samples Free Pro Microtuning script

Kontakt User Library (look for 53 shadow-sky nonoctave scales)