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While Anomaly may be the sounds of Nightmares, there is another side. The sounds of Dreams.

These soundsets were all inspired after the passing of HG Fortune.

Dreams, Atmospheres and Explorations - for absent friends.

Dreamlands brings the following soundsets together as a single sound source:

Voyages 1 - 51 sounds, 234 Mb

Voyages 2 - 50 sounds, 234 Mb

Dream States Vol. 1 - 50 sounds, 172 Mb

Dream States Vol. 2 - 50 sounds, 172 Mb

Textures and Atmospheres - 52 sounds, 175 Mb

and, as a bonus:

HG Fortune- In Memorium - 50 sounds, 192 Mb

for a total of 303 source sounds, 1.15 Gb.

SFZ/WAV Sampleset only - no presets.

There are Preset Packs available for the following instruments:

Anomaly VSTi/Wusik V6/V7

Absynth V 5.3.1 and up

Kontakt V 5.5.2 and up

Dimension Pro/Rapture

Audio Demos

All audio demos are of single sounds only. For multiple sound audio demos please see the Preset Pack pages.

Absent Friends (vox)

Absent Friends

Broken Past (vox)

Broken Past

Desolation (vox)


Dreams of Darkness (vox)

Dreams of Darkness

Fading Joy (vox)

Fading Joy

Melancholy (vox)


Strange Cathedral (vox)

Strange Cathedral

The End of Dreams (vox)

The End of Dreams

Beauty Surfaces

Dusk Falls

Entering Dreams


In the Asylum

Left Behind

Something Stirs

Tricks of the Light

Distant Stars

Distortions of Time

Dying Suns

Idyllic Time

Loose in the Void

Peaceful Abandonment

Veils of Darkness


Buy the Dreamlands SFZ/WAV Sampleset for $50

Preset Packs

Anomaly/Wusik Preset Pack

(for the Anomaly VSTi, Wusik V6 and Wusik V7)

Kontakt Preset Pack

(requires Kontakt V5.5.2 or higher)

Absynth Preset Pack

(requires Absynth V5.3.1 or higher)

Cakewalk Preset Pack

(for Dimension Pro, Rapture and Rapture Pro)