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verbal charms spoken or sung


Incantations began with vocal samples from the DNR Collaborative Developers pack and some recordings of my wife and myself.

The idea was to program wavesequences in the Anomaly VSTi using those samples and others to approximate the voices of Angels.

Over the course of the seven volumes that now comprise Incantations, those Angels have become quite demented.

Techniques along the way have included micro-tuning (Anomaly V - Nightmares Under Earth), taking readings from public domain audio books - reversing them and mangling them to create different speech (Anomaly VI - Unholy Rites) and ever more complex wavesequences and using more of them per sound - all through diverse FX chains. Also introducing other elements of sound into the invocations themselves.

Incantations now collects those seven volumes into one complete soundset.

All sounds are single sampled, stereo sounds. All sounds are looped and are between 20 to 40 seconds in length.

The sampleset includes:

Incantations - 25 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 145 Mb

Incantations 2 - 24 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 150 Mb

Incantations 3 - 25 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 151 Mb

Incantations IV - Lost Angels - 24 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 100 Mb

Incantations V - Dreams of Sky - 24 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 145 Mb

Incantations V - Nightmares Under Earth - 24 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 145 Mb

Incantations VI - Sundered Worlds - 25 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 25 vox only sounds as SFZ/WAV files - 254 Mb

Incantations VI - Unholy Rites - 25 sounds as SFZ/WAV files, 25 background and vox sounds as SFZ/WAV files - 221 Mb

Incantations VII - Lamentations - 24 sounds as SFZ/WAV files - 112 Mb

For a total of 1.38 Gb in 220 sounds as SFZ/WAV files with an additional 50 sounds as vox only or backgrounds and vox.

SFZ/WAV sampleset only, no presets.

Preset Packs

Anomaly/Wusik V6-V7

Kontakt V5.5.2 and up

Audio Demos


At Rest

Fading Paths




Wandering Beauty

Incantations 2

An Ending

Deceptive Dreams

Evening Fall

Fade Away

Path of Night

The Shining Dark

Incantations 3

Incantation 04

Incantation 07

Incantation 09

Incantation 10

Incantation 13

Incantation 24

Incantations IV

Angelic Sorrow

Angels Falling

Cautious Angels

Lost Angels

The Daystar

Worlds End

Incantations V

Distant Beauty

Distant Enclosure

Evening Fall

Evening Rise

Falling into Sky

Falling into Nightmare

Nights End

Nights Underground

Vast Fullness

Vast Emptiness

Without End

Without Light

Incantations VI

World Abandoned

World Exploded

World of Ash

World of Fear

World of Sudden Impact

World Pulled Apart

Dark Mass

Dream Invasion

Initiates of the Endless Path

Rite of the Silent Opening

Shamans in Hell

The Sorrow of One

Incantations VII

Compassion Lost

Joy Lost

No End

No Return

Peace Lost


Buy the Incantations SFZ/WAV Sampleset for $65

Preset Packs

Anomaly/Wusik Preset Pack

(for the Anomaly VSTi, Wusik V6 and Wusik V7)

Kontakt Preset Pack

(requires Kontakt V5.5.2 or higher)