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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands

Sounds of Night and Darkness

This is a version of Anomaly XXIII for Kontakt 5 only. It features a scripted interface to enable you to easily create your own Multis.

Anomaly XXIII - the Night Lands is 175 Mb and includes 50 Nightscapes as SFZ/WAV and .nki files. There are also 50 Multis as .nkm files.

Everything is packaged into one Anomaly folder that you place in your Kontakt Factory Library folder.

The interface is divided into 4 pages.

The Main page features controls for the ADSR Envelope, a 3 Band EQ, Auto Panning and Auto Volume crossfading, Detuning and Velocity.

Auto Pan is set up with presets that range from .02Hz to .06 Hz, at 60% and 100% and at both Phase 0 degrees and Phase 180 degrees. The idea being that panning two sounds in a Multi they can be set to cross-pan.

The Detune controls are independent and controlled by a separate on/off switch.

Volume/Velocity - the Velocity control is also independent and not controlled by the on/off switch.

The Volume is set up to sweep the Volume in the same way and rates as the Auto-Pan. The idea being that you can cross-fade two sounds in a Multi.

Page 2 holds Transient Master, Phase Shifter, Chorus, and Tape Saturation/Saturation FX.

Page 3 holds Delay, Reverb and Convolution Reverb FX

The Filters page gives you one click access to LP/BP/HP Filters.

The Filters can be modulated by traditional Sin/Tri/Sqr/Saw wavs for Cutoff and Resonance. Cutoff also has both a Speed modulator and an Intensity Modulator.

There is also a Multi-LFO so you can make your own waveforms to modulate the Filter Cutoff. This also has both a Speed Modulator and an Intensity Modulator.

Audio Demos

Kontakt 5

A Moment of Stillness

Call of Darkness

Falling Upwards

Homeward Path

Memories of Nowhere

Kontakt version 5.5.2 or higher is required

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