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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Anomaly for Rhino

Here are the Westgatesounds soundsets and presets for Rhino from BigTick Audio

Rhino Anomaly

Anomaly for Rhino requires version 2.05 of Rhino or above

Anomaly for Rhino consists of :

Anomaly - Dark FX, Strange Atmospheres - 50 unique sounds

Anomaly IV - Wasteland Textures - 100sounds

Anomaly VI - Textures - 90 sounds

240 .sfz files, 641 Mb mono .wav files. Combination of single sampled and multi-sampled sounds.

2 banks of 64 presets each by Daniel Kemp.

Audio Demos

A Dead City

Drifting Souls

They Live

Welcome to Wasteland

Because each audio demo is only the initial stage of each preset (each preset uses the user assigned sliders to morph between sound sources as well as add FM and AM modulations...) I will be making a demo version of this soundset available as soon as Rhino 2.05 is released.

Here is a downloadable demo with 5 presets. To install the demo, extract the files and place the .sfz files from the External folder into the appropriate Anomaly folders already present in your Rhino/waves/External folder. The .wav files from the Samples folder go into the Anomaly folders already present in your Rhino/waves/Samples folder. The contents of the Presets folder go into your Rhino/presets folder.


Here is a downloadable demo from the second bank of presets - 3 presets:


Buy the Rhino Anomaly edition for $30

There are now two Rhino skins available:

Rhino Skin 1
Skin 1

Rhino Skin 2
Skin 2