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Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.

Spectral Anomaly

Spectral Anomaly

Spectral Anomaly takes the Anomaly sounds into Izotope's Iris 2 instrument to combine bits of them to create new sounds. For this first Volume, I am picking sounds from all of the preceding Anomaly Volumes to use as sources. In future Volumes I may limit the sources to only combining certain soundsets, or adding new sources.

For this volume each sound is composed of spectral elements of 2 or 3 Anomaly sounds to create something new. In essence, Aural Sculpting.....

Twilight Worlds

The Twilight Worlds lie outside of Wasteland. Existing neither in light nor darkness, but in-between the realms of these. Full of discarded souls, half-souls, memories both remebered and forgotten - it is a realm of possibility. Where shadows coalesce and morph into each other becoming anything they desire. But never quite achieving substance. Shadows, existing in a half-light between possibility and perception.

This first volume of Spectral Anomaly has a theme - Twilight Worlds. Between Darkness and Light.

Part of the interesting thing about this experiment was in taking the Anomaly source sounds, from every volume - which are looped, and treating them as unlooped sounds. I could have added the loop points in Iris 2 but I wanted some random elements introduced.

Another interesting aspect of this soundset was in how to create sounds that had a distinct tone of Otherworldness to them. That is why these sounds were created using only bits of each source sound. I could have used broad strokes to create a fuller, more natural sound yet I wanted to create the impression of "difference", not natural. In this sense, using only bits worked as it presents a full sound but with some frequency gaps that present themselves as anomalous.

Spectral Anomaly - Twilight Worlds consists of 50 all new sounds as .SFZ/.WAV files and is 165 Mb.

There are 50 presets for Wusikstation V6/V7 and 50 presets for Wusik V8.

50 presets for Dimension Pro

50 presets for Rapture

50 .nki and 50 .nkm files for Kontakt V2 and up

50 presets for Absynth as a .glo file (V3), .ksd files (V4) and .nabs files (V5).

There is also a .sf2 (soundfont) version that has the 50 mono sounds in a 82.5 Mb .sf2 file.

Audio Demos


Doors Between Worlds

Dream of a Shadow

Existing in Half-Light

Forgotten Souls

Hidden Menace

Home in Shadow

Life in Twilight

Spirit Worlds

Spirits Forgotten

Worlds of Shadow

Dimension Pro

Companion to Shadow

Dreaming Shadows

Dwelling in Shadow

Heading to Limbo

In the Grey Lands

Shadows Home

Shadows of Evening

Timeless Half-Light

Twilight Doorways

Twilight Lands


Entrance to Limbo

Fading Spirits

Home in Twilight

Lost Worlds

Open Doors

Shadows of Evening

Shadows Underground

Still Spirits

Twilight Doors

Washed in Shadow


Brooding in Twilight

Dreaming Souls

Eternal Shadows

Gates Between Worlds

Life in Twilight

Lost Souls

Lost to Twilight

Shadows of Evening

Shadows Underground

Souls of Twilight


Dreaming in Twilight

Living Shadows

Lost in Shadow

Lost Spirits

Shadows and Twilight

Shadows in Half-Light

Spirits of Limbo

Stranded in Twilight

Unsettled Shadow

Wandering Souls

Buy Spectral Anomaly - Twilight Worlds for SFZ/WAV
with presets for Wusikstation V6/7, Dimension Pro,
Rapture, Absynth and Kontakt for $17

Buy Spectral Anomaly - Twilight Worlds for sf2

(soundfont) for $12

What people are saying:

"Very good sounds there, congrats. :-) I was actually looking for something like this, so you really nailed a sound that didn't exist on the market."

"A really fantastic sound set. Thank you very much!"

"I finally got around to try Anomaly, some dark stuff and brooding moods in there..."

"Ok, having tried out all of the Anomaly sounds, I will say this.......this soundset is f**ckin' great! If you like dark ambient and experimental music, this is a must have....many of these sounds are just dying to be fed through even more effects. If you like making pretty and happy tunes, stay far away from Anomaly. But if you're like me and prefer your music to be creepy and twisted, then by all means get this!!!"

"thanks for this Sf2-set with really amazing waveforms inside!"

"Volumes 1 and 2 are incredible! I'm not sure if you guys are geniuses or madmen but I've never heard sounds like that before. It's as if someone translated the deepest, darkest thoughts of some fear-crazed lunatic and turned them into sound! They would make the perfect soundtrack for a Cthulhu film! H.P Lovecraft would be proud.

Well done guys!

p.s. I was checking out some of the presets and my 13 year-old daughter was begging me to stop. "You're scaring me!"..."

"The last one I tried was Anomaly and it's the reason why I only had 3 hours sleep last night... The sounds in this thing are f**cking unbelievable. I spent hours upon hours listening to the demo's, and thinking of ways I can use the sounds."