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Welcome to the free section....

Here you will find free presets for Wusikstation by Daniel Kemp. This collection of free presets for Wusik will hopefully grow over time.

HGFortuneSynthMaster2.rar - 9 free presets and 18 samples for SynthMaster 2. Please read the Install notes included in the .rar file.

The free presets for Iris 2 can now be found here : Iris 2

RetroSequencing-dk.rar - 18 presets for the Retro Sequencing soundset for Wusik V6-V7.

TEK Mysticism - 10 presets for Wusik V6 to V7 and 3 for V8 that use sounds from Incantations 1 and 2 and Anomaly Core and Wusik stock sounds - by Tim E King.

DOXpress.rar - presets for the DOXpress soundsets from Wusik, volumes 1 and 2. There are 12 presets for V7 that use Volume 1 sounds and 12 presets for V7 that use Volume 2 sounds. There are also 7 presets for V8 that use the Volume 1 sounds.

DreamsandNightmaresSeeds.rar - presets that use the Dreams and Nightmares Seeds soundset included in Wusik V8. There are 10 presets for Wusik V7 and 8 presets for Wusik V8, in seperate folders. (updated 11/11/15)

dnekmV8.rar - Free presets for Wusikstation V8. Just replace the Dnekm preset folder in Wusik V8 with this one, it has the latest converted presets so far.

IncantationsVextra.rar - 3 presets so far for use in the Anomaly VSTi or Wusikstation V6/V7 that use voices from both Dreams of Sky and Nightmares Under Earth

AmetrineAudio.rar - 8 presets that use sounds from Ametrine Audio's Ravenator, specifically the Fire and Ice folder. For Wusikstation V6 and up.

WusikV7.rar - 170 presets that use only the sounds that come with Wusikstation V7 and will also open in Wusikstation V6.

NewAgeFree.rar - 15 presets for Wusikstation V6 that use ArtVera's NewAge soundset

TectonicPlates.rar - 10 presets (so far) that use the Wusik Sound Magazine soundsets Tectonic Plates and X-Station

LITSVol3Presets-dk.rar - 12 presets (so far) that make use Volume 1 through 3 of the LITS soundsets.

dnekmV6-2.rar - 14 presets and 7 new multi presets for Wusikstation V6

Abandoned - uses Manystation, TSW and Analog Night
Air - uses ArtVera NewAge
Bad Dream - uses ArtVera WSM Imagination
Captivity - uses ArtVera WSM Imagination
chant1a - uses Vox'd Pro and ArtVera Mistral
chant1b - uses Vox'd Pro and ArtVera Mistral
chant2a - uses Vox'd Pro, ArtVera Mistral and World Sounds
chant2b - uses Vox'd Pro, World Sounds and ArtVera Mistral
Dream Voices 2 - uses ArtVera Mistral
Dream Voices - uses The Sound Bank Volume 03 and Vox'd Pro
Flight - uses ArtVera NewAge
Forsaken - uses ArtVera NewAge
Light - uses ArtVera NewAge
Mecha - uses ArtVera WSM Imagination

Anomaly V6 Engine Multi Presets

14 new Multi Presets that use all Volumes of the Anomaly soundset. These will work in either the Updated Anomaly VSTi or Wusikstation V6. You must have the Anomaly sounds for these to work.

dnekmV6.rar - 27 presets made with the latest V6 beta

Wusik V6 Multi-soundset (some of these are the single presets from the Multis below, some are new)

Abandoned-dk uses Manystation, Vox'd Pro and Famous Keys 3
Alien Clockwork-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Alien Engine-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Alien Navigation-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Alien Tech-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Alone in the Mothership-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Beacon-dk uses ArtVera Imagination and ArtVera NewAge
Bog-dk uses Analog Night
Cycles-dk uses ArtVera Imagination and ArtVera NewAge
Dark-dk uses ArtVera NewAge and Analog Night
Dawn Temple-dk uses Abi Soundset, Carillion and TSW
Dream Voice-dk uses Vox'd Pro and The Sound Bank
Dreaming Pad-dk uses Fuel3 and Vox'd Pro
Dreams-dk uses ArtVera NewAge and ArtVera Imagination
Enigma-dk uses Analog Night, Vox'd Pro and Physical Set
Evil-dk uses Physical Set, TSW and Vox'd Pro
Gateways-dk uses ArtVera Imagination and ArtVera NewAge
Lost-dk uses Hybrid World, ArtVera NewAge, The Sound Bank and Physical Set
Meeting Fate-dk uses ArtVera Imagination and Analog Night
Mystery-dk uses Famous Keys 2, Vox'd Pro and Analog Night
Priest-dk uses The Sound Bank and Vox'd Pro
Priestess-dk uses ArtVera Mistral and Vox'd Pro
Temples-dk uses TSW, ArtVera Mistral and Orchestral Lite
Undertones-dk uses Vox'd Pro and Ethermos Nocturnal
Visitations-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Waiting-dk uses Hybrid World and ArtVera Imagination
Zen Garden-dk uses ArtVera NewAge and Ethermos Nocturnal

Chant-dk.rar - 16 V6 Multis

Wusik V6 Multis

Chant-dk which uses Vox'd Pro, Mistral and TSW
Chant2-dk which uses Vox'd Pro and Mistral
Eastern Sanctum-dk uses TSW, The Sound Bank, Vox'd Pro, Physical Set, ArtVera NewAge and Mistral
Empty Outpost-dk uses ArtVera Imagination, ArtVera NewAge, Manystation, Vox'd Pro and Famous Keys 3
Engine Room-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Evil Dark-dk which uses Physical Set, TSW, Vox'd Pro, ArtVera New Age and Analog Night
Gothic Dawn-dk uses Hybrid World, Famous Keys Plus 1, Vox'd Pro, Physical Set and TSW
Gothic Sanctuary-dk uses Physical Set, Vox'd Pro and TSW
Lost in the Bog-dk uses Analog Night, Hybrid World, ArtVera NewAge, The Sound Bank and Physical Set
Mysterious Priest-dk uses Famous Keys 2, Vox'd Pro, Analog Night and The Sound Bank
On the Mothership-dk uses ArtVera NewAge
Starlight Hymn-dk uses Vox'd Pro and Mistral
Temple Chant-dk uses Vox'd Pro and Mistral
Temple Priestess-dk uses TSW, ArtVera Mistral, Orchestral Lite and Vox'd Pro
Twilight Fantasies-dk uses Analog Night, Vox'd Pro, TSW, Orchestral Light, Manystation and Physical Set
Undertones of Fate-dk uses ArtVera Imagination, Analog Night, Vox'd Pro and Ethermos Nocturnal

EVEforWusik-dk.zip - Presets that use the DASH expansion soundsets for EVE, converted to WuiskSND format.
Soundsets Required:
Mini Moog (WusikSND)
Evalon (WusikSND)
HQS FS1r (WusikSND)

EVEforWusik-dkDASH.zip - These are the same presets as the EVEforWusik-dk.zip, but instead of using DASHsnd files converted to WusikSND files, they use DASHsnd files from the EVE Data directory being moved into the Wusikstation Data/Soundsets directory...
Soundsets Required:
Mini Moog (WusikSND)
Evalon (DASHSnd)

Wusikstation Skins



Faded Past

dnekm BluePurple


dnekm Frost